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The PTO Sessions

Oh what to do with a day off work, and some new midi controllers to play with! The end result was a nice mix of varied underground house flavors with high and low points from artists like Superfunk, The Cube Guys, Mark Knight, and Carl Cox. Definitely one to jam to when back at the office.

Check it out.

News Feed

Did Chicago have a Summer of Love?

I was asked an incredibly interesting question which made me look back on the past in the Chicago nightlife scene. The answer and story behind it was too good to not share. It's a look at Chicago in the late 80s.

You can go your own way...

I'm a married man now...but my love life wasn't always wonderful. I want to take a moment to tell you how I managed to change my entire life to build inner-happiness and fulfillment, which lead to me finally meeting the right person.

5 Money-Saving Tips For Buying Music Online

While some complain of a lack of quality music in the saturated market, many of us face the opposite...a packed shopping cart beyond out budget.  Here's five tips on how to whittle down your cart and get the most bang for your buck.

Live DJ Remixing #3: How To Get Ideas

Finishing off this series with some ideas to get your creative juices flowing.  You have the gear, the sounds, and the means, now it's time to do something with all of it.

Live DJ Remixing #2 -The Gear

Part 2 of our series on live remixing. You spent last time getting affiliated with your software, but now you need the buttons and knobs to make it work. Have a look at some suggestions, and it's not all just "buying new stuff".